Little Heaven Daycare is a warm and inviting place where your children will feel at home. They will receive daily care and attention that will make them feel loved and protected.

My home daycare is designed to be a safe yet structured environment where the children are encouraged to work as a team and use their imagination. We understand that it’s not easy making the transition from home to a childcare facility and we will work with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We know that each child has different needs and we’re committed to ensuring that they will get the extra care and attention they need. We take care of all children as if they were our own. As parents, we understand how important our little ones are and you can rest assured that they will be in capable hands.

One of our goals here at Little Heaven Daycare is to create a nurturing environment for the children. A place where they will have a great start and feel that they belong.

We provide a supportive and stimulating environment for each child that enhances their social emotional, fine, and gross motor skills. Little Heaven Daycare is a clean and safe place, where fresh homemade food is offered daily. We cultivate an environment with lots of love, encouragement, and a rich curriculum that fosters learning.


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