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Preschool Teacher

Jamaica Stevens
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Founder of Jamaroo kids

Jessica Uher
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Yoga - Music & Movement Teacher

Jules Weiss
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Yoga & Music Teacher

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Story & Music Teacher

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Music and Movement Teacher

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Music & Dance Teacher


At Little Heaven Daycare, your child will benefit from being in a dynamic, family-oriented environment, allowing children to explore their environment via touch, imagination, and interaction, which is important for the development of young children. We work on teaching them colors, numbers, letters, shapes, and seasons of the year. These concepts are taught to them through music, games, story/circle time, language, and art. We are small enough to be able to pay close attention and assist each child by giving them extra help in projects or letting them learn on their own. We are blessed to have wonderful teachers and musicians who spend daily time with your child.

Our program and curriculum are pre-planned, having the child’s cognitive capacity in mind. Below is a brief description and list of Little Heaven’s Daycare program enrichment and weekly activities:

  • Pre-School Classes
  • The teacher conducts an academic class coupled with arts and crafts, which allows for the use of concentration and fine motor skills.
  • Music Time, dance, and Storytime.
  • JAMaROO kids ( ( The program provides the children with a fun experience, including Music, dance, and story time with puppets and musical instruments that the children enjoy.
  • Gross Motor Skills: through music and movement. The children get exposed to music, instruments, and dancing..
  • Spanish and portuguese circle time where the children learn the language through music, dancing, and reading books.
  • Yoga is a fun, healthy, and challenging class that allows the children to use their gross
    motor skills and imagination.

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