Tina de Ryss

Tina de Ryss joined JAMaROO Kids in 2023 as a full-time teacher. Tina is a multidisciplinary performing artist and curator with an affinity for teaching dance and musical theater to children. Her experience spans over 10 years and includes teaching music, dance, and theater to children, as well as being a cheerleading coach.

Tina’s formal dance training includes ballet, modern, jazz, and competitive cheer. She has danced and choreographed pieces for different LA and Bay Area-based companies. Tina grew up singing in the choir and participated in many musical theater productions. She also plays the guitar and enjoys incorporating guitar and percussion into her music classes.

In Tina’s free time, she likes to hang out with her husband and senior dachshund, Sancho, sing and play guitar, dance, and roller skate. She enjoys cooking Filipino food for her friends and family.

When Tina was asked what she loves about teaching for JAMaROO Kids and working with children, she responded, “I love to see my students discover their love of dance and music. Watching their eyes light up when they recognize a song or movement is so rewarding!” Tina believes in the power of dance and music to bridge generational gaps. As she says, “Everybody loves a dance party!”; and we all know that’s the truth.

Fun Tina Facts: Tina collects vinyl records and vintage t-shirts.

Favorite Animal: Pangolins–they’re scaly anteater-like creatures that live in a few hot places in the eastern hemisphere.

Favorite Color: Yellow.

Favorite Color: YellowFavorite Food: Pepperoni and black olive pizza with a pesto sauce drizzle.

Favorite Dinosaur: Triceratops.


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